Art Garda ANYWHERE is a month long residency that is open to visual artists as well as writers and curators.  Art Garda’s mission is to offer a space that brings artists together into new and fresh surroundings that will either foster new studio practice experimentation, or enable the realization of a planned project in which this dedicated time and space can make possible.

Art Garda ANYWHERE is a nomadic residency, which means it will hold one to two sessions in a given location, and then move on.  In doing this we hope to assist people in starting their own programs, as we travel to new and exciting locations.

The residency hosts, 1 month annually, 6 artists/artist teams,  at time.

The residency provides 4 group dinners a week, most often Monday through Thursday.  The residency also provides breakfast food to serve yourself on the same four days. This food is included in your residency fee.

The residency fee is 1500 Euro, which includes the room, studio, as well as breakfast and dinner every Monday through Thursday. If you are a collaborative of two people who share a bed, or would like to have a partner join you, we are completely open to that. We do not charge the whole residence fee for the second person, just an impact and food/living expenses fee of 700 Euro.

The original Art Garda was located in the vineyards near Sirmione’s peninsula in the province of Brescia, Italy, a 5 minute bicycle ride from Lake Garda, hence the name of the program.  Art Garda was housed in a three story building that dates back to the 13th century. This space has became the home of BENACO ARTE, and is still offering space in a building that operates as a Bed and Breakfast during the other months of the year. The B&B “LaMaGia di Corte Moronati” is a 3 story building with two floors of housing and studios on the top floor.

We are in discussion with the upcoming locations and will disclose the next exciting place soon.

Taxis are available to and from the train station if you are planning side trips around, but we will pick you up when you arrive, and drop you off when you depart at the nearest train station.